Sibel Serin

As an of counsel Wage Tax, Payroll and Expat Tax Guide at Woods & Pearson I help employers with the tax and social security matters of their local and foreign workforce. Next to my technical knowledge and expertise, I am valued for my ability to implement complex tax law into workable processess. I am comfortable working in (a matrix setup) multinational reporting into C-level and also able to connect with and guide different functions within an organization.

Hence, I can say I am an expert in understanding and connecting the interdisciplinary work field of Tax, Finance, HR, Bussiness and Payroll. Advise around policy making for the international workforce, optimizing benefits of  the local Dutch fiscal rules to help improve employment conditions, setting up and managing payrolls and shadow payrolls in several countries, assessing tax risk and generating significant amounts of (tax) saving. I have also gained expertise in setting up employment tax controlled frameworks within worldclass US tech companies, coordinating tax audits and leading negotiations with authorities governing the National Taxes, Immigration and Collective Labor Agreements.

Ultimately I will guide the employer (and it’s employees) towards a clear picture of what needs to be done in a most beneficial way from different angels.

Hope to speak to you soon, have a nice day!

Kind regards,